Kokanee Power has supplied materials and all the funding for trout food related to projects at various lakes which include Almanor, Collins, New Melones, Shasta and recently Trinity and Lewiston Lakes. Pen project lakes are stocked in the fall and released in the Spring at their respective Lakes.

Siskiyou Pen Lake Siskiyou - A monster size pen that was established in 2018 through numerous groups and well known outdoor writer for the SF Chronicle, Tom Stienstra. Kokanee Power committed support to supply the trout food for this project.
Almanor Pens

Lake Almanor - In 2007 Kokanee Power entered into an ownership and maintenance agreement with the Almanor Fishing Association for the existing trout pens. This agreement and support ended in 2016. Please refer to the following detailed project page for the Lake Almanor Trout pens:

Lake Almanor Trout Pen Project Page

Collins Lake Plant Collins Lake - In 2006 Kokanee Power supplied materials and volunteer manpower to build and deploy two trout pens. Collins Lake quickly expanded to a total of 12 pens in 2008 as a joint project between Kokanee Power and Project Kokanee that supply the food for this project each year.
New Melones Pens New Melones Lake - Kokanee Power supplies funding and volunteer manpower to maintain a custom trout pen at the New Melones Glory Hole marina on an annual basis. Each year, drought and low lake conditions not withstanding, the pen is stocked with either Rainbow Trout or German Browns.
Lewiston Pen Lewiston and Trinity Lakes - In 2011 Kokanee Power took over pen support for these pens. Lewiston is unique in that it has cold water much longer that other lakes as it is downstream from the Trinity dam. This allows the fish to be grown longer in the pens to an even larger size.
Shasta Link Shasta Lake - Kokanee Power has worked with local resorts by supplying manpower and funds to maintain the trout pens at four locations at Shasta Lake, Sugarloaf Cottages, Tsasdi Resort, Antlers, Holiday Harbor and Jones Valley Marinas. Each Spring Kokanee Power holds the Shasta Lake Classic Trout and Salmon Tournament, headquartered in the town of Lakehead. A reciprocal derby is held each fall by the Lakehead Business Association and Kokanee Power helps with logistical derby support.

Many of our projects are documented in our Photo Galleries or Message Forums where you can see and read first hand reports of many of these events.

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