Kokanee Power has a strong commitment to helping out with many projects to assist the DFG through volunteers or donated equipment. Please check out our projects listed below to see where we get involved to promote a continuing Kokanee and Trout fishery.

  Annual Kokanee Egg Taking with the DFG - Each year the DFG takes Kokanee eggs in the fall to be hatched and reared before planting the following spring. Kokanee Power is proud to assist the DFG annually with volunteers for this annual event.
  Hatchery Kokanee Egg Work - The Kokanee eggs gathered in the fall require a lot of hands on work to be hatched . The hatchery utilizes Kokanee Power volunteers during this critical phase of the egg cycle until they are hatched and can be distributed to other DFG locations.

Hatchery Maintenance - Kokanee Power provides annual donations to DFG maintenance projects as part of our commitment to the fishery. In 2006 Kokanee Power donated the following items:

  • New Electric Cart for the San Joaquin Hatchery - valued at $9,000
  • Honda Motor for the fish feeder - valued at $800
  • New tarps to be used as UV shields and wind breaks to protect the Kokanee fry - valued at $350
  • PVC piping - value $120
A full update on the Egg work and Maintenance projects can be found in the Fall 2006 Kokanee Kronicle from Kokanee Power Director, Gary Schoonhoven.
  Coded Wire Tags - Kokanee Power has purchased 60,000 coded wire tags at a cost of $5,000 that are used as tracking mechanisms in the juvenile fish that are released in specific lakes. The lakes that have received coded wire tag fish are Lake Pardee and Whiskeytown Reservoir. The DFG can check any caught fish through an electronic wand and will ask if you would donate a portion of the fish head. In the DFG labs they can decode the tags to determine growth rate and maturity lifecycle for that lake.
  Salmon Triploiding Experiment - Kokanee Power has supplied manpower and equipment to the DFG to pursue a super kokanee salmon that can focus its life cycle on growth instead reproduction. More details about this project can be found on the Salmon Triploid Experiment page.

Many of the Kokanee Power projects are documented in our Photo Galleries, Message Forums or Facebook where you can see and read first hand reports of many of these events.

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