Kokanee Power has a strong commitment to a number of educational projects from the grade school through the college level. We believe it is the future of the fishery to give our youth the chance to experience hands-on practical hatchery projects in their own school environment.

  Kids Outdoor Sports Camp - Since 2007 Kokanee Power has sponsored entry fees for kids that could not generally afford to go to camp. This program that teaches youngsters the skills for outdoor activities, wildlife conservation methods, the importance of ethical hunting and fishing behavior and creating potentially new members for all the organizations that support North America’s wildlife and its habitat. Please go to the KOSC web site for more details on this wonderful cause. Check out this years Thank You letter and Fishing Report from one of the kids.
  Sportsmen's Legacy Foundation - Funding Scholarships for Sierra College and Lincoln High School as it relates to Wildlife Biology and Conservation. Kokanee Power has been donating to this cause annually since 2006. Here's a Thank You letter Thank You letter from 2011.
  Pershing High School Kokanee Project - During the Spring 2006 semester, Pershing High School Agriculture Science Classes participated with the California Department of Fish and Game and Kokanee Power in the raising and the release of approximately 160 Kokanee fry. Brad Edmunds, Instructor-San Joaquin Unified School District has provided a full update in our Winter 2007 Kokanee Kronicle.
  Feather River College Hatchery - Kokanee Power has been involved with this hatchery for the last 3 years. Our recent donations are going towards a large improvement and renovation project that will replace the current raceways with new circular tanks. Kokanee Power has donated over $23,000 in the last 3 years to this ongoing project. Zach Parks, Director of the hatchery, provided a full update on the project in the Fall 2006 Kokanee Kronicle.

Chester High School - Kokanee Power donated $2700 in 2006 towards the Chester High School Fisheries program that raises Rainbow and Brown trout. A full trout rearing facility is in place in an educational environment where kids learn about the fishery in addition to raising some trophy size trout. More information on this project can be found in the Fall 2006 Kokanee Kronicle. written by Kokanee Power Director - Tim Marble.

In 2007, 2008 Kokanee Power donated another $5,000 towards ongoing operational expenses for this program.

  Rio Vista Schools - Kokanee Power has donated an initial $5,000 to help jump start a new fisheries program at the Rio Vista Schools in 2006 and has conitnued this support each year for this program. Check out the full one page article in the Fall 2006 Kokanee Kronicle for an extensive report on this exciting project from Jim Lake, Principle of Riverview Middle School. Howard Branton, Program Development Team, has provided a project update Winter 2007 Kokanee Kronicle.

Annual Scholarships - Kokanee Power provides funding to two annual scholarships through Feather River College:

  • Phil Johnson Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each
  • 2007 - Bob Roberts Memorial Scholarship, $1,500 annually split into 3 - $500 scholarships
To date Kokanee Power has given out $10,500 in scholarship money. Check out the the Fall 2006 Kokanee Kronicle that contains an article from this years recipient of the Phil Johnson Memorial Scholarship.

Rainbow Unlimited - New in 2006, Kokanee Power recently committed $2000 to Rainbow Unlimited to help in their project to serve local schools with field trips to a local trout hatchery in Nipomo, Ca. The Fall 2006 Kokanee Kronicle has an article that describes this wonderful project that involves the local schools through Rainbow Unlimited.

In 2007 Kokanee power donated $1457 towards this continuing project to help fund field trips, transportation, school supplies and clothing.

Many of our projects are documented in our Photo Galleries or Message Forums where you can see and read first hand reports of many of these events.

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