2018 Project Funding Summary

Kokanee Power is pleased to publish our 2018 Project Funding Summary below. Your membership, generous donations, and volunteer help is truly appreciated as we continue to support California's Inland Fisheries through support for the California Department Fish & Wildlife, fisheries education programs, various pen projects throughout the State, and those with special needs. Please refer to our main Projects page for more information on many of these projects.

Jack Schultz - Treasurer

In Support of Fisheries Education & Youth Events
  RHS Bass Fishing Club
  Butte County Schools
  Jamestown School Lab Disc
Sub Total -->
In Support of those with Special Needs
  Kiwanis Special Olympic's Trout Derby
Sub Total -->
Kokanee Power Trout Pen Projects
  Fish Food and Pen Maintenance Expeditures
     • Fish food for all pen programs
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General Donations
  Golden Gate Salmon Association
Sub Total -->
2018 Project Funding Total---> $11,084.00

Many of the Kokanee Power projects are documented in our Photo Galleries, Message Forums or Facebook where you can see and read first hand reports of many of these events.

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