2010 Activity Log

Kokanee Power and its members are involved with many projects throughout the year beyond the eight derbies in California and four in Oregon. Here's a quick synopsis of some of the 2010 activities that have been featured previously on the Kokanee Power What's Happening section on the Home page. Many of our projects are documented in our Photo Galleries or Message Forums where you can see and read first hand reports of many of these events.

New Melones Pen Maintenance and Trout Stocking - Dec. 12th, 2010 - The annual pen cleaning and stocking was done and this year both pens were stocked with Brown Trout which will be released in the Spring.
Shasta Lake Pen Plants - The Shasta Lake Pen plants happened on November 17th and 18th at 5 resorts, Sugar Loaf Cottages, Tsasdi, Antlers, Holiday Harbor and Silverthorn. Click on the link for details and photos.
Taylor Creek Egg Collection #2 - Oct. 12th, 2010 - A million plus eggs were collected at Taylor Creek to complete the egg take for 2010.
Little Truckee Egg Collection #1 - Oct. 7th, 2010 - Kokanee Power and Project Kokanee volunteers worked with the DFG for the Kokanee egg take which netted around 294,000 eggs. All eggs are sent to the San Joaquin Friant Hatchery for processing.
Kokanee Power Donates Equipment to the American River Hatchery - Waders and Water Valves were donated to the hatchery to help out with their equipment needs. The water valves are key to the hatching jars used for Kokanee egg hatching.
Kokanee Power helps fund Scottish Rite Kids Fishing Derby - For the 5th year Kokanee Power has contributed funds to this event for kids with learning disorders.
Lodi Sportsman Club Youth Fishing Day - The Lodi Sportsman's Club received funding from Kokanee Power. The kids had a great time catching fish. Click on the link for details.
Volunteers Help with Kokanee Fry Delivery - The last of the Kokanee Fry at the San Joaquin hatchery were rounded up for lake delivery. Click on the link for details and pictures.
West Sacramento Kids Fishing Day - Kokanee Power helps sponsor this free kids fishing day in West Sacramento. This is the 4th year Kokanee Power has been involved in this great event. Click on the link for details.
Kids Fish Free Again in 2010 - Kids fish free once again in 2010. Imagic Images and WakeAir Fishing Towers are providing sponsorship for the junior division. Click on the link for details.

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