New Melones Team Kokanee Derby - June 3, 2023

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1James, Jim & Denise Franco7.64
2Brian Thomas, Richard Contreras, Chris Miller7.37
3Jack Schultz, Joe Aksamit6.71
4Jim Brittain, Jack Naves, Kyle Cobb6.38
5Rich Crispi, Bob Hamilton, Chad Terell6.13
6Joe Smith, Danielle Limme6.10
7Jay Winchester, Harold Garbaldi5.92
8Dan Cowan, Chuck Holman, Jerry Kight,Will Moore5.66
9Kyle Wise, Mike Tripp, Ty Harris5.51
10Kirk Emge, Jerilyn Emge, Tom Oliveira5.47
11Casey Code, Brody Code5.36
12Sean Flanagan, Pafrick Flanagan5.35
13Justin Ross, Mike Polcar5.35
14Mike Giovachinni, John Zeman5.24
15Tim Hill, Warren Frederickson5.14
17** Big Trout **
18Matt, Bethany, Mike, Petti5.13
19Tyrone Beard, Steve Anderson, Kevin Enos2.24
21** Blind Bogey ** Target 4.18
22Chris Dunham, Rob DeGroot4.21
23John Dahl, Richard Medley4.08

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Daniel Clark2.29
2Alex Thomas2.24
3Aubrey McLennan1.67
4Mason Cetinich1.49
5Emma Vengley1.43

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)

Melones Kokanee arrived like a freight train with big fish opportunities of fish that topped out 18.67 inches and in the 2.5+ lb range and this is only June! At the top end these were the biggest bag limits turned in ever for a Melones single day derby. By end of this season Melones will have a population of 3lb Kokanee lurking beneath. With that said it was feast or famine for some and location was key with most fish concentrated in the lower half of the lake. The fish were still in the cooler upper water column generally from 20 to 40 feet.. also making them hard to see with all of our fancy electronics. Thanks to all that came out to support the fishery and our love for Kokanee fishing.

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