Shasta Lake Classic Team Tourney - May 6-7, 2023

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Robby Mannon, Jeremy Huff20.86
2Jim Brittain, Jack Naves18.26
3Tom Hamada, Scott Dean16.21
4Kenny MacDonald Steve McSween, Ken McDonald14.77
5Mike Tripp, Kyle Wise14.75
6Warren Fredrickson, Rene Villanueva, Brian Hough13.77
7Tony Whiteside, Tom Akin13.28
8Nick & Breana Kemp13.05
9Mary Dunham, Chris Dunham12.95
10Paul Kneeland, John Brassfield12.30
11Brandon Copleman, Donna Short12.19
12Ron Hufford, Brett Brady12.19
13James Franco, Jim Franco, Denise Franco, Evia Lopez12.06
14John Zeman, Mike Giovachini, Travis Kull11.33
15Jack Schultz, Pat Pagnella, Fred McAlister11.06
16Al Fiske, Bruce Wicks10.33
17Dale Gibbons, Jasion Tidwell10.26
18Randy Bergquist, Vickie Noonan, Bill Back10.08
19Daniel Humble, Susan Humble, Art Greilich9.96
20Pete Duvall, Jack Duvall, Lonnie Dickson9.02
22** Big Trout Sat **
23Robby Mannon, Jeremy Huff4.72
25** Big King Sat **
26Brent & Robert Beers1.19
28** Blind Bogey Sat ** 6.52 Target
29Kenny MacDonald Steve McSween, Ken McDonald6.53
31** Big Trout Sun **
32Brandon Copleman, Donna Short5.22
34** Blind Bogey Sun ** 5.34 Target
35Jessica Powell Johnny Jimenez, Dan Valdez5.26

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Aubrey McLennan5.82
2Drew Bundy4.87
3Lorelei Cantrell4.24
4Jack Sacfuri2.91
5Kassidy Landsburg1.24
6Lyla Landsburg1.03

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Shasta was a new experience with a near full lake. The trout were scattered and the participants endured a lot of rainy weather for a few days. In the end the trout were brought in with some bigger weights for those that managed a Brown in the mix. The Kings were non-existent in terms of catching, except 1, and no Kokanee were weighed but are generally not the target for everyone out there.

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