Bullards Bar Team Kokanee Derby - April 1, 2023

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Tim Hill, John Casaulong2.92
2Kevin & Karla Smith2.57
3Shawn Conlan, Mike Walker2.53
4Tom Hamada, Mike Steer2.45
5Jay Winchester, Tyrone Beard, Harold Garbaldi2.41
6Jim Brittain, Kyle Cobb, Jack Naves2.40
7Nathan & Cynthia Lenard, Nathaniel Lenard2.38
8Roston Thunsen2.38
9John Flores, Andy Won, Mike Edwards2.37
10Jack Schultz, Alan Traynor2.36
11Richard Contreras, Brian Thomas, Chris Miller2.36
12Cody Hight, DJ Klien, Kevin Dalton2.36
13Adam Carpineta, Jaime Wheeler2.31
14Shaun Rainsbarger, Billy Rainsbarger2.29
15Richie Hight, Craig Beach, Jennifer Beach2.27
16Larry & Linda Abernathy2.26
17Warren Page Frederickson, Dan Valdez, Renee Villanueva, Brian Hough2.26
18Joseph Smith, Danielle Limme, Jackie Hill2.26
19Kirk Emge, Jerilyn Emge2.25
20Emanuel Villa, Scott Hoill, Emanuel Ramirez2.24
22** Big Trout **
23Dale Gibbons, Jason Tidwell.59
24Emanuel Villa, Scott Hoill, Emanuel Ramirez.52
25Chris & Mary Dunham, Robert Degroot.36
27** Big Kokanee **
28Jay Winchester, Tyrone Beard, Harold Garbaldi.77
29Shawn Conlan, Mike Walker.64
30Adam Carpineta, Jaime Wheeler.62
32** Blind Bogey ** 1.67 Target
33CJ Sierra1.73
34Gary Coe, Mark Hall1.74
35Levi Bricco1.76
36Robert Gibbs, Stevan Milonivich1.51

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Dylan Przeszlowski.56
2Lorelei Cantrell.48
3Kaitlyn Contreras.44
4Alex Thomas.43
5Reagan Beach.43

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

A great event at Bullard's with 170 participants and the adult teams looking for their best 5 fish. Good fish were in the half pound and up class topping out at 13.58 inches but the average was 11.64 inches among the big fish weighed in. It's going to be great season at Bullards and thanks to those that participated.

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