Don Pedro Team Kokanee Derby - June 11, 2022

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Dale Gibbons, Jason Tidwell4.49
2Doug Philpott, Naz4.28
3Will Moore, Parker Moore3.87
4Justin Ross, Jerry Ross3.84
5Jim Brittain, Kyle Cobb3.55
6Tom Hamada, Dean Bakotich3.50
7Nathan & Cynthia Lenard, Nathaniel Lenard3.38
8Brian Thomas, Mike Clark, Wade Johnson3.25
9Rick Coehlo, John Zeman2.85
10Kevin Smith, Karla Smith2.81
11Rene Villanueva, Brian Hough2.69
12James Franco, Jim Franco2.48
13Richard Contreras, Chris Miller2.0
14Mary Dunham, Chris Dunham1.88
15Jack Schultz, Fred McAllistair1.10
17** Big Trout **
18Ken & Tina McDonald3.45
19James Franco, Jim Franco2.21
20Doug Philpott, Naz1.60
22** Big King **
23Jeff Sanders, John & Brandon Williamson4.45
24Ken & Tina McDonald3.94
25Rick Coehlo, John Zeman2.21
27** Blind Bogey ** Target 2.7
28Rene Villanueva, Brian Hough2.69
29Kevin Smith, Karla Smith2.81
30Rick Coehlo, John Zeman2.85

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Aubrey McLennan1.43
2Sawyer Todd.92

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Don Pedro was a hot one in terms of weather and the Kokanee bite was challenging. For those that figured it out they are rewarded with Kokanee up into the 15 to 17 inch class and 1.76 lbs. Thanks everyone that came out to support he fishery.

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