Shasta Lake Classic Team Tourney - April 30- May 1- 2022

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Bob Schmidt17.23
2Mike Giovanni, Rick Coehlo, John Zeman16.57
3Kevin & Karla Smith16.54
4Jason Meeuwse, Dave Graham, Mike Spaman, John Chit16.48
5Nick Brito, Marc Duvall14.59
6Rich Crispi, Bob Hamilton, Chad Terell14.45
7Chuck & Bev Mierky14.33
8Dale Gibbons, Jason Tidwell14.23
9Jack Schultz, Gary Coe, Alan Traynor13.91
10David Mayo, Darin Mayo13.69
11Robert Irwin, Jeff Irwin, Jason Irwin13.38
12Jim Brittain, Jack Naves13.27
13Les Fernandes, Kevin Soloway12.78
14Nathan & Cynthia Lenard, Nathaniel Lenard11.84
15Casey Code, Brody Code11.56
17** Day 1 - Big Trout Sidepot
18Chuck & Bev Mierky5.76
19** Day 2 Big Trout Sidepot
20Jack Schultz, Gary Coe, Alan Traynor5.28
21** Day 1 Big King Sidepot
22Nick Brito, Marc Duvall2.46
23** Day 2 Big King Sidepot
24Kevin & Karla Smith2.60
25** Day 1 Big Kokanee Sidepot
26Brandon Copleman, Donna Short1.65
27** Day 2 Big Kokanee Sidepot
28Ryan Johnson, John Kline, Bill Back1.63
29** Day 1 Blind Bogey Sidepot - Target 5.715
30Brandon Copleman, Donna Short
31** Day 2 Blind Bogey Sidepot - Target 5.735
32Jason Marci, Mick Ellis, Tim Stacy

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Aubrey McLennan5.11
2Drew Bundy4.34
3Ty Collins4.33
4Walker Ott4.25
5Kaitlyn Contreras4.15

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Perfect weather and lots of fish were caught by all in this exciting tournament. Despite the low spring lake water level there were lots of Rainbows and Browns caught including a lot of smaller browns throughout the lake. In addition there were Kings and Kokes to round out the cold water species. Those with the the multi-skill disciplines rose to the top for the heaver weights. Tks to all that came out.

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