New Melones Team Kokanee Derby - July 17, 2021

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Jim Brittain, Kyle Cobb4.92
2Jerry Novero, Anthoiny Novero4.59
3Rene Villanueva, Brian Hough4.41
4Brian Thomas, Wade Johnson, Mike Clark4.40
5Jack Schultz, Joe Aksamit4.18
6Robert Gibbs, Jeffery Dumaguing4.08
7Nathan Lenard, Cynthia Lenard, Nathaniel Lenard4.05
8Ken McDonald, Ken Hopper3.98
9John Dahl, Richard Medley3.82
10Sean McArdle, Steve Kynard, Json Tidwell3.60
11Greg Vanni, Debbie Vanni2.90
12Jacob Payne, Josh Shapland2.89
13Scott Duncan, Heather Duncan2.75
14Gary Coe, Larry Boone2.66
15Kyle Wise, Alex Ross2.62
17** Big Trout **
18Ryan Griesa, Chris Gerg4.67
19Jack Schultz, Joe Aksamit3.90
20Rene Villanueva, Brian Hough3.83
22** Blind Bogey **
23Gary Coe, Larry Boone2.66
24Kyle Wise, Alex Ross2.62
25Mary Dunham, Chris Dunham2.57

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Logan Johnson2.22
2Hunter Woodring1.5
3Gabriel Harris1.19
4Aubrey McLennan.98
5Titus Siemiller.57

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

New Melones is a wrap and we had a great turnout. The fishing was pretty tough for most but this that figured it out caught fish generally in the 14 and 15 inch class with a few exceptions here and there of some 2lb+ fish. Fish were generally caught in the 50-70 foot range. Thanks to everyone that came out to support the fishery and get together and fish for those fiesta Kokanee.

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