Lake Pardee M.A.D. Team Kokanee Derby - April 17, 2021

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Richard, Allison, Robert Contreras Chris Miller2.77
2John Zielinski, Charles Russian, Matt Mrozek, Taite Stewart 2.72
3Kevin & Karla Smith2.72
4Brian Thomas, Wade Johnson, Michael Karrick2.68
5Jim Fox, Stan Ita2.68
6Rene Villanueva, Brian Hough2.62
7Matt Gil, Jerrad Swaney, Mike Gil2.59
8Nathan, Nathaniel & Cindy Lenard2.57
9Greg & Debbie Vanni2.55
10Jack & Gina Naves2.55
11Chris Saiz, Mike Clark2.54
12Gary Vella, Jason Coulie2.49
13Dan Rupley, Robert Huntsman2.35
14Pat Pagnella, Jason Greene, Dave Keyser1.75
15Les Fernandes, Mark Hall1.75
16Chris & Mary Dunham, Nancy Pander, Angela Rodriquez1.71
17Dale Gibbons, Jason Tidwell, Kyle Cobb, Jim Brittain1.65
19** BIG Kokanee Side-pot (Separate from main weigh-in) **
20Ken & Tina McDonald1.08
21Rick & Cindy Hansen.93
23** Big Trout **
24Pete Duvall, Lonnie Dickson, Jack Duvall1.95
26** Blind Bogey - Target Weight 1.72 **
27Chris & Mary Dunham, Nancy Pander, Angela Rodriquez1.71
28Pat Pagnella, Jason Greene, Dave Keyser -Big Fish Tiebreaker1.75
30** Top 5 Biggest Single Fish Weight - Pounds - Informational
31Ken & Tina McDonald1.08
32Chris Saiz, Mike Clark1.05
33Kevin Gill, Donelle Lynch1.04
34Jim Fox, Stan Ita1.03
35Richard, Allison, Robert Contreras Chris Miller.99
37** Top 5 Biggest Single Length - Inches -Informational **
38Jim Fox, Stan Ita14.43
39John Zielinski, Charles Russian, Matt Mrozek, Taite Stewart 14.43
40Ken & Tina McDonald14.24
41Richard, Allison, Robert Contreras Chris Miller14.04
42Kevin Gill, Donelle Lynch 14.04

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Kaitlyn Contreras.95
2Wyatt Schutz.83
3Logan Johonson.76
4Hunter Woodring.74
5Adam Naves.61

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

A great turnout at the first derby of the year after the COVID skip year. A 160 anglers came out to challenge the Kokanee and some trout too. The Kokanee bite was a tough one but the size of those caught went up into the 14 inch class. Boats were scattered from the dam to the orange buoy and fish were from the surface to 60 feet with most caught in the upper water column. Thanks to all that turned out and we hope to see you out there this season.

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