Shaver Lake Team Kokanee Derby - Sep. 7, 2019

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Kevin & Karla Smith57.60
2Jim & James Franco54.10
3Gary Coe, John Lico53.00
4Nathan & Cynthia Lenard52.80
5Matt Gill, Bethany Gill & Mark Lilga52.60
6Jack Schultz, Carol Voris & Alan Traynor51.70
7Jim Brittain, Steve Peckham 50.90
8Mark & Cynthia Stack50.90
9Rick Hansen, Mark Hall50.10
10Fred & Leslie McAlister 49.75
11Chuck Fisher, Paul Miller, Casey Johnson49.50
12Jim Travis, Harold McCracken, Rick Childs49.45
13Chris & Mary Dunham48.40
14Jared Schultz, Dan Weaver, Jeff Crask48.35
15Manuel Romero, Jared Romero48.05
17*** Blind Bogey ***
18Jim Travis, Harold McCracken, Rick Childs49.45
19Chuck Fisher, Paul Miller, Casey Johnson49.50
20Fred & Leslie McAlister49.75
22*** Big Trout ***
23Gary Coe, John Lico55.00
24Tim Tompsett, Dirk Stam53.90
25Chris & Mary Dunham15.05

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Nathaniel Lenard17.35
2Brody Code16.20
3Annabella Zambataro15.45
4Parker Romero14.90
5Gage Romeiro13.45

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Shaver Lake played host to 120+ anglers for the last Kokanee Power Team Kokanee derby for 2019. The fish were scattered throughout the lake and were in feisty late season form at 35 to 100 feet. The bigger fish at Shaver were in the 14 inch class with a few turned in that made the 15 inch class. Thanks to all that participated and we look forward to another great derby season in 2020. Here’s the derby results.

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