New Melones Team Kokanee Derby - July 13, 2019

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Rick & Justin Fried6.18
2Rachel, Karla & Kevin Smith6.11
3Doug Philpott, Kyle Wise6.00
4Ron Lemos, Fred McAllister, Mark & Jacob Koontz5.84
5Nathan & Cynthia Lenard5.83
6Robert Muhlbeier, Travis Barboza5.83
7Ken McDonald, Kenny MacDonald5.72
8Jack Naves, Jim Brittain5.62
9Jack Schultz, Alan Traynor5.57
10Gary Coe, John Lico5.57
11Larry Abernathy, Alan Finocchio5.57
12Scott Heliotes, Bill Lewellen5.57
13Dale Gibbons, Jason Tidwell5.52
14Mark Damron, Brett Balla5.51
15Ed Burlarley, Duane Miller5.49
16Marty Morfee, Jay Winchester5.46
17Gary Vella, Gary Hendrix5.44
18Craig Beach, Matt Gill, Mark Lilga5.43
19Tim Farnham, Tyler Farnham5.35
20Butch & Chris Jacobson5.34
22*** Big Trout ***
23Jim & James Franco6.16
24Greg & Brian Oswald4.31
25Ken McDonald & Kenny MacDonald2.58
27*** Blind Bogey - Target weight 3.615
28Charles Sierra3.78
29Kenneth Collins, Jon Chrstensen3.38
30Bill Sallows, Michael Culmer4.02

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Jameson Oswald2.09
2Joe Hutchinson1.94
3Brody Code1.80
4Nathan Lenard1.62
5Hanna McElroy1.61

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Wow! The 2019 Kokanee Power New Melones Team derby was huge success with 168 participants looking to have fun and some camaraderie at a renewed fishery. Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and as always all extra proceeds go back to the fishery and special causes. The big fish turned in were in the 2lb class, up to 2.37lbs. 17.94 was the longest fish and it was a solid 16+ inch average for the single largest fish of the 3 fish weigh-in from each team. Many of those 16 inch fish were actually heavier than the longer males just starting to get a kype (lengthened jaw) and they lose just a little weight. as they start to transition. Fish were generally caught in the 35-60 foot range and the South end of the lake was a popular location for many anglers.
Thank you CA DFW team and US Fish and Wildlife teams that came out to measure, weigh, take scale and pathology samples.
Here’s the list of winners with the payout extended to 20 places for adults based on our higher participation. The weights were very close, within hundredths of a pound! There were several ties, broken by largest single fish weight.

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