Whiskeytown 2-Day Team Kokanee Derby - June 8,9, 2019

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Kevin & Karla Smith11.47
2Doug Philpott, Greg Yost11.34
3Richie & Samantha Hight, Bradley Donaldson11.30
4Ken McDonald, Kenny MacDonald10.62
5Nathan & Cynthia Lenard10.34
6Gary Coe & John Lico10.21
7Jack Schultz, Alan Traynor9.99
8Bob Hamilton, Chad Terrell9.75
9Kirk & Jerilyn Emge9.62
10Gary Durbin, Ric Brown9.52
11Jim Brittain, Dale Gibbons9.29
12Rand & Kaye Smith8.97
13Jack & Gina Naves8.81
14Tony, Joey, Danielle Puccinelli, Emily Jones8.64
15Butch & Chris Jacobson8.09
17** Big Trout **
18Gary Coe & John Lico2.30
19Jack Schultz, Alan Traynor2.25
20Josh & Neil McGee2.18
22** Blind Bogey **
23Jason Curtis6.77
24Josh & Neil McGee6.79
25Larry & Linda Abernathy6.86
27** Big Kokanee - Single Fish ** Informational
28Doug Philpott, Greg Yost - Sun2.44
29Gary Durbin, Ric Brown - Sun2.28
30Adam Naves - Sun2.28
31Nathan & Cynthia Lenard - Sun2.14
32Richie & Samantha Hight, Bradley Donaldson - Sun2.10
33Kenny McDonald, Ken MacDonald - Sun2.09
34Butch & Chris Jacobson - Sun2.08
35Kevin & Karla Smith - Sun2.04
36Kevin & Karla Smith - Sat2.02
37Rand & Kaye Smith - Sun2.00

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Cody Hight3.45
2Brody Code3.27
3Nate Lenard3.00
4Grace Naves2.91
5Adam Naves2.44

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Slugs! Toads! Hogs! - These were common words at the Whiskeytown 2-Day Kokanee Tournament as anglers enjoyed a very healthy fishery that took a little longer to wake up as the lake cleared. The proof is in the numbers where fish pushed as big as 18.02 inches and 2.44 pounds at the extreme high end. 10 fish were in the 2 pound plus class with many others nearing the 2 pound mark. Excitement was in the air after the Saturday weigh-in to guess where those big fish were located. The average of all single big fish of the 3 fish weigh per day was 1.58 pounds and 15.40 inches. It’s also a rare event where 3 fish limits come in over 6 pounds, which required us to measure all weights in pounds instead of ounces.

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the weekend and the great fishery at Whiskeytown. It was fabulous weather and the wind died down after Saturday morning and was a non factor on Sunday with calm waters. Fish were generally 0-30 feet. Big thanks to local Kokanee Power directors Jake and Barbara Flohr who played a huge part in setup for the dinner and event hosted at Oak Bottom marina and launch. Great to see the lake rebuilding its facilities. Thanks again to the US Fish and Wildlife and CDFW for coming out to inspect, sample and record the catches. As always the extra proceeds from derbies goes back into the fishery and special causes Kokanee Power supports. We’ll add some photos a bit later but here’s the results.

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