Lake Pardee M.A.D. Team Kokanee Derby - April 13, 2019

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Ron Lemos, Mark & Jake Koontz, Fred McAlister77.90
2Matt Gil, Craig Beach, Jerrad Swaney75.40
3Dale Gibbons, Jason Tidwell71.30
4Larry & Linda Abernathy48.90
5Nathan & Cindy Lenard46.30
6Chris & Morgan Strange43.20
7Steve Peckham, Harold McCracken 25.15
8Brian Thomas, Mike Karick25.10
9Robby Manon, Geo Rojas23.85
10Jack Naves, Jason Carlisle23.35
11David Green, Clint and Susan Gleason 23.00
12Kirk & Jerilyn Emge22.85
13Gary Coe, John Lico22.85
14Brian Stahley, Heather Burrell22.70
15Chris and Mary Dunham22.60
16Rickie Brown, Trinidad Garcia22.15
17Doug Philpott, Mike Valdez21.60
18Dave & Darin Mayo21.25
19Steve Huish, Rich Stidham20.35
20Jim & James Franco19.80
22*** Big Trout ***
23John Frantz, Mike Devore69.4
24Ron Mehling, Matt Luna53.0
25RJ & Jennifer Sanchez43.05
27*** Blind Bogey - Target weight 48.1
28Larry & Linda Abernathy48.90
29Steve Peckham, Harold McCracken25.15
30Brian Thomas, Mike Karick25.10

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Emma Jo Duvall22.85
2Gracie Giovachinni21.55

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

A very good turnout of 140+ anglers and 61 teams enjoyed great weather at the Pardee Lake MAD derby (Member Appreciation Day). We all enjoyed a great lunch and unique raffle that all kinds of "special" fun additives to make it lively. The fishing was tough with 2/3 of the teams not weighing in a fish and only 3 teams weighed in their 3 fish limit. The Kokanee that were caught were unusually large this early in the season at 14-16.5 inches as measured by the weigh team. Kokanee were on the surface to 15 feet and the water temp was 58-60 degrees.

Many thanks to the Pardee Lake people for accommodating and setting up the venue for this event.

Note: We made a correction to the final standings as Curtis and Morgan Strange finished in 6 place and were originally placed in 10th. We apologize for the error and the standings have been adjusted.

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