Stampede Res. Team Kokanee Derby - Aug 11, 2018

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Gary Coe, John Lico74.90
2Robbie Mannon, Geo Rojas71.40
3Craig Beach, Jennifer Beach, Cody Hight71.20
4Doug Philpott, Tona Philpott70.40
5Richie Hight, Samantha Hight, Brian Azzyvedo69.90
6 Jack Naves, Gina Naves68.70
7Sam Green, Deanna Handgard, Pat Wyham68.20
8Kenny Macdonald, Mike Giovacchini68.00
9Kevin Wilson, Don Wilson67.80
10Marc Christophel, Phil Nichols67.70
11Joseph Smith, Danielle Limme67.50
12Ed Fisk, Danny Granholm67.20
13Buck Smith, Kyle Messer, Brandon Miles-Smith, Mike Truelock67.20
14James Netzell, Rene Villanueva67.00
15Ken McDonald, Rick Silva67.00
16Tom Hamada, Dean Bakotich66.70
17Mark Damron, Bret Balla66.70
18Chris Dunham, Mary Dunham66.60
19Ron Hufford, Brett Brady66.20
20Peter Tinoco, Bob Schmidt66.00
22*** Blind Bogey *** Target Weight 55.5oz
23 1 - Brian Harpman56.0
24 2 - Rand Smith, Kaye Smith56.4
253 - Jason Curtis53.1
27*** Early Bird Derby Registration Winners
28Gina and Jack Naves

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jake Machado23.10
2Grace Naves21.10
3Catherine Donaldson20.95
4Tommy Harpman20.55
5Adam Naves20.01

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Stampede was a HUGE success with a turnout of 170 anglers and lots of great size Kokanee to be caught. Thanks to all that came out to participate.

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