Lake Pardee Team Kokanee Derby - July 14, 2018

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Ken McDonald & Kenny MacDonald40.90
2Kevin & Rachel Smith40.65
3Fred & Leslie McAlister37.85
4Kevin Wilson & Brian Thomas37.15
5Jim Brittain & Jason Tidwell36.00
6Ron Lemos, Carl Lemos, Mark Koontz, Jake Koontz35.85
7Gary Coe & John Lico35.70
8Robby Mannon & Glo Rojas35.60
9Butch & Chris Jacobson34.20
10Jack Schultz & Alan Traynor32.60
11Stanley Ita & Jimmy Fox32.05
12Kevin Ogg, Flip Akers, Ryan Delgado31.40
13Doug Philpott & Richie Hight 31.35
14Robbie Dunham31.25
15RJ Sanchez & Andrew Segarini29.15
17** Big Trout Sidepot **
18Kevin Ogg, Flip Akers, Ryan Delgado57.90
19Gary Coe & John Lico48.95
20Robby Mannon & Glo Rojas47.90
21Jim Brittain & Jason Tidwell46.55
23** Blind Bogey **
24Seam McArdle & Mike Nicholls27.30
25Rich & Tim Collins28.90
26RJ Sanchez & Andrew Segarini29.15
28** Biggest Single Fish Weight - Informational **
29Kevin & Rachel Smith15.15
30Ron Lemos, Carl Lemos, Mark Koontz, Jake Koontz14.55
31Ken McDonald & Kenny MacDonald14.25
33** Biggest Single Fish Length - Informational **
34Kevin & Rachel Smith13.92
35Ron Lemos, Carl Lemos, Mark Koontz, Jake Koontz13.46
36Ken McDonald & Kenny MacDonald13.30
37Larry & Linda Abernathy13.30
39** Early Bird Registration Winners
40Rich Collins & Aylin Romero

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Dante Segarini12.70
2Gino Sanchez11.95
3Hunter Woodring10.65
4Kaitlyn Contreras10.50
5Hunter Holquin10.15
6Emma Jo Duvall 8.15

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Thanks to all that came out to Pardee to support the organization and the fishery. The fishing was tough but a fair number were caught in the 10-14 inch range from 40 to 70 feet mainly in the greater river mouth area.

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