Shasta Lake Classic Team Tourney - May 5,6, 2018

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Ron Hufford & Brett Brady26.12
2Jim Brittain, Dale Gibbons & Jason Tidwell25.07
3Robby Mannon & Mark Kosiek24.46
4Butch & Chris Jacobson24.39
5Ken McDonald, Rich Silva23.25
6Ed Burlarly & Duane Miller22.19
7Nick Brito & Marc Duvall21.31
8Manny Harris, Doug Reiser, Lydia Reiser21.27
9Rich Crispi, Rene Villanueva20.58
10Tom Hamada & Dean Bakotich20.21
11John Zeman & Mike Giovacchini20.11
12Doug Philpott, Tim Sellars18.81
13Robert Bundy, Matt Behrens18.44
14Jack Schultz, Carol Voris, Alan Traynor18.31
15Mike Tripp & Kyle Wise17.82
16Randy Bergquist, Vicki Noonan, John Kline17.74
17Gerry & Nick Flanigan, Nick Vitale17.71
18Dennis & David Stoffel17.33
19Kevin Wilson & Tim Johnson17.24
20Paul Kneeland & John Brassfield17.10
21Rich & Tim Collins17.04
22Ed Grossman & Rusty Ross17.04
23Pete Duvall, Lonnie Dickson, Gary Dickson16.94
24Warren Cooper, Bruce Hamby, Jason Meevwfe16.11
25Dave Stockton, Mike Shoemate16.05
27***BIG TROUT SIDEPOT - Saturday
28John Zeman & Mike Giovacchini7.25
30Butch & Chris Jacobson7.72
31***BLIND BOGEY - Saturday
32Jason Marci, Mike Ellis Jr & Mike Ellis Sr.7.90
33***BLIND BOGEY - Sunday
34Dave Stockton, Mike Shoemate8.05

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Ty Collins16.11
2Drew Bundy6.11
3Nicholas Hernandez1.94

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

What a derby.. record all-time weights were turned in and the top 11 recorded over 20lbs. of fish for the two day derby. Fish were all over the water column but most people took them from the surface 50 feet. Thanks to al that came out and took advantage of this great fishery. Biggest fish caught was a 9.36 Brown caught by a junior.

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