Shasta Lake Classic Team Tourney - May 6,7, 2017

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Robby Mannon & Mark Kosiek20.67
2Dennis & David Stoffel18.01
3Gary Coe & John Lico16.70
4John Zeman & Mike Giovacchini15.90
5Larry Abernathy, Rand Smith, Alan Finocchio15.84
6Nick Brito & Marc Duvall15.04
7Butch & Chris Jacobson14.50
8Tony & Diana Whiteside14.43
9Gerry & Nick Flanigan14.31
10Andy Birkholz, Danny Birkholz Sr, Danny Birkholz Jr13.92
11Dale Gibbons & Jim Brittain13.53
12Brent Honnoll & Michelle Robbins13.35
13Tom Hamada & Dean Bakotich12.66
14Ron Hufford & Brett Brady12.62
15Scott Wood & Mark Watzke12.58
16Fred & Leslie McAllistar12.27
17Paul Kneeland & John Brassfiel12.15
18Mark Kalinowski12.11
19Ken & Barbara Capitanich12.00
20Ed Grossman & Robert Bernard11.69
21Randy Bergquist & Vicki Noonan11.20
22Jack Schultz, Carol Voris, Alan Traynor11.05
23Kenny MacDonald, Steve McSween, Mike Rossi10.39
24Rick Norris, Kirby Callis, Seth Huffaker9.96
25Chris & Mary Dunham9.90
26*** Big Trout Saturday ***
27Robby Mannon & Mark Kosiek4.42
28*** Big Trout Sunday ***
29James Baker Sr. & James Baker 5.43
30*** Big Salmon Saturday ***
31Tom Hamada & Dean Bakotich1.24
32*** Big Salmon Sunday ***
33Tom Hamada & Dean Bakotich1.04
34*** Blind Bogey Saturday ***
35Al Millan & RJ Sanchez7.62
36*** Blind Bogey Sunday ***
37Kenny MacDonald, Steve McSween, Mike Rossi4.88

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Colton Minnis3.50
2Ty Collins2.08
3Braden illingworth1.13

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

The Shasta Lake Classic Team Tourney featured a little bit of everything this year. Besides the great trout that were caught, mother nature provided a full lake, some windy weather and an unusual amount of debris from the record breaking rainy season. For the most part Saturday's participants found the fish and then like usual the bite tightened up for most on Sunday. That's what makes a two day tournament a lot of fun and challenge where consistency is the key. Thanks to all that made it up there for the annual camaraderie and fun times among fellow anglers. Don't forget the fall derby at Shasta.

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