Shasta Lake Classic Team Tourney - April 30- May 1- 2016

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Paul Kneeland & John Brassfield14.92
2Robby Mannon & Mark Kosiek14.28
3Robert Muhlbeir & Dave Stump14.15
4Mike Tripp13.71
5Steve & Danny Quintal13.04
6Dennis & David Stoffel12.33
7Gary Coe & John Lico12.23
8Butch & Chris Jacobson12.06
9Tony Lopes & Jeff Boyle11.94
10Kenny MacDonald, Steve McSween, Mike Rossi11.47
11Dave Stockton & Mike Shoemate11.40
12Bruce Wicks & Al Fiske11.20
13Mark Kalinowski, Leah Whitman, Dennis Guttry11.17
14Randy Bergquist & Vicki Noonan10.49
15Sambo Lage & Captain Gary10.35
16Forbes & Maureen McGrane10.24
17Fred & Lesli McAllister9.95
18Will Miller, Paul McLean, Mike Vaiana, Ken E.9.89
19Ken & Barbara Capitanich, Ron Hooper9.77
20Nick Brito & Marc Duvall9.44
21Tom Hamada & Dean Bakotich9.31
22Josh, Melissa, Neil, Shelley McGee9.18
23Pete Duvall, Lonnie & Gary Dickson8.73
24Craig Winton, Rod Burbage, Jeff Rushing8.49
25Dale Gibbons & Jason Tidwell8.38
27*** Big Trout Sat ***
28Tony Lopes & Jeff Boyle4.63
29Brad Reager & Mike Tedder3.72
30Brett Reager3.54
32*** Big Trout Sun ***
33Ed Burlarley & Duane Miller5.23
34Paul Kneeland & John Brassfield4.45
35K & B Capitanich, Ron Hooper3.64
37*** Big Salmon Sat ***
38Robert Muhlbeir & Dave Stump2.99
39Robby Mannon & Mark Kosiek1.96
40Mike Elster & Skip Sall1.68
42*** Big Salmon Sun ***
43Mike Tripp1.92
44Robby Mannon & Mark Kosiek1.27
45Robert Muhlbeir & Dave Stump1.07

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Brett Reager4.22
2Chavis McAllister3.93
3Brayden McAllister3.31
4Ryan Pearson2.53
5Landon McAllister1.82

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

A great crowd turned out for the 2-Day Shasta derby where a lot of time was spent "fishing" and searching rather than the normal catch patterns we are used to every year. It was a windy Saturday and a tougher bite for most on Sunday but those that stuck it out managed to find their fish both days. Here's the list of those that placed in the top 25 for a paycheck along with the Juniors and general side pot results. Thanks to all that participated.

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