New Melones 2-Day Kokanee Team Tourney - June 23,24, 2012

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jack Schultz / Alan Traynor86.40
2Dale Gibbons/Jason Tidwell81.25
3Carl Lemos/Nick Brito81.15
4Steve Quintal78.80
5John & Dick Minnis76.30
6Fred & Ryan McAlister76.20
7Sue Brown / Ed Grossman76.00
8Gary Burns / Bobb Scrubs75.80
9Ron Hufford / Brett Brady75.35
10Rand & Kaye Smith73.75
11Doug Hagen / Robby Mannon73.55
12Alan Finocchio/Larry Abernathy72.35
14Tom Hamada / Dean Bakotich71.7
15West Guin / Kevin Campbell71.30
17* Big Trout *
181. Rick & Justin Fried83.15
192. Tony & Diana Whiteside72.80
20** Blind Bogey **
211. Kevin & Rachel Smith67.40
222. Rick & Justin Fried67.05

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Isaac Perez, Jr27.35
2Tanner Travis27.30
3Alana Perez26.30
4Faith Baumert24.05
5Ty Collins23.60
6Danny Quintal22.65

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

A Melones kokanee tournament in the middle of summer with 70 degree temps? joking here. With 100 degree temps expected, the springlike weather was definitely welcomed. Despite the small sized kokanee this year, true kokanee power anglers looked past the small catches and gathered up at Angels Camp to participate in our annual New Melones tourney, have fun with friends and family, and celebrate the rich kokanee fishery we are all fortunate to have. For our forty-two teams, finding limits wasn't the hard part. It was a test to find the bigger kokanee that would boost the team to a good finish. Congratulations to the team of Jack Schultz and Alan Traynor and Junior Angler Isaac Perez, Jr for taking top winnings at this year's event. Special thank you's to Jennifer Wendt and RJ Sanchez for their generous donation of junior division tackle boxes and many thanks to Mag Tackle Company, Pro Troll, Guin Fishing Tackle, Ken's Custom Tackle, Larry's Limit, Woody1, and Glitter Bug Tackle for filling their tackle boxes with awesome kokanee gear! Much appreciation to Clark's Corner for catering both days and providing our anglers with a myriad of goodies and treats. And to our anglers who participated at this year's event, we can't thank you enough for supporting us through thick and thin, small kokes and big kokes, low water or high water.

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