Pine Flat Team Trout Derby - April 14, 2012

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Greg Yost & Jon Yost5.92
2Doug Mayfield & Robby Mannon5.78
3Fred McAlister / Ron Lemos5.66
4M.Stack / S.Nuxoll / G.Wilson5.49
5Frank Benard / Claude Wilson5.26
6Rich & Tim Collins5.19
7Bruce Beck5.18
8Kevin Lango / Robert Tipton4.91
9D.Phillip / B.Marim / J. Casa4.62
10Bob Markarian/Emil De Primk4.62
11Nick Foglio / Garret Phillips4.60
12Ken McDonald / Rick Silva4.59
14Al Millan / David Arietta4.57
15Ron Mehling / Greg Freeman4.44
16Tony Garza / CJ Ekizian4.39
17Ken Collins / Neza Manaay4.39
18Doug Hagen / Mark Kosiek
20* Big Kokanee Side Pot*
211-Team Koke On This15.835.70
222-Frank Benard/Claude Wilson14.735.10
233-Dave Flum 14.3535.00
24** Big King Side Pot **
251-Greg & Jon Yost44.9552.70
262-Fred McAlister/Ron Lemos42.6049.00
273-Doug Mayfield/Robby Mannon39.3546.50
28**Blind Bogey Side Pot***
291-Tony Whitside/C. Gonzalez4.20
313-Gary Coe / John Lico4.14

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Kendra Olivera1.38
2Mathew Sawyer1.32
3Lily Kier1.28
4Chase Mannon1.23
5Cody Lango1.22

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Rain, rain go away just come back another day! That was the chant of the day for most who pre-fished prior to the derby. There was just about as much water in the sky as there was below the boat. But did that deter Kokanee Power anglers from fishing the derby the following Saturday morning? Nope! The following morning over 120 anglers in 50 boats hit the lake despite the dark ominous clouds that refused to leave the skies over the area. The question in most of our anglers minds was: Would it be big trout or big salmon that will win the derby? It was obvious within an hour of mixing it up on the lake that it would be a battle of king salmon when weigh in time comes. Originally designed to be a trout derby, the Pine Flat Derby soon became a multispecies derby with Pine Flat Lake boasting populations of trophy Kings River rainbow trout and king salmon and kokanee.

Throughout the event, boats were reeling in king salmon from the depths of the lake. The kings were caught from 70 to 150 feet with a strong showing of rainbow trout being caught while chasing king salmon. The main lake over the old Kings River channel proved to be the most productive area for king salmon. Despite the rain, the king salmon were cooperative. And come weigh in time, it was a show of chrome as anglers showed off their bags filled with 3 plus pound class salmon. It took 5.92 pounds to take top honors and the Mag Tackle team of Greg and Jon Yost definitely represented well. Many congrats to you gentlemen!

Kokanee Power would like to thank the anglers who didn't let the wet weather stop them from supporting us at this years event. We would also like to thank Mike Jeromes Family Catering for a delicious steak and chicken luncheon. Also, many thanks to Dicks Sporting Goods, the Piedra American Legion, and Pine Flat Lake Marina for supporting our derby.

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