Mother Lode Trout Derby at Camanche Lake - March 31 - 2012

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
2Tim Mangan / Eric Gardner7.07
3Steve Quintal / Dan Richardson6.96
4Mark Schon / Todd Goodman6.78
5Paul Kneeland / Bruce Wicks6.20
6Tony & Diana Whiteside6.13
7Willie Dominque/Mogan Woods5.54
8Kevin & Rachel Smith5.48
9Kevin Gianna/Mike Prisk4.89
11R.Fried/J.Fried/C. Meidinger4.3444.00
12Rand & Kaye Smith4.3440.00
13Mark & Phillip Watzke4.22
14Larry Rayburn/Fred Nazagawa4.20
17Blind Bogey Winners
18Tim & Chuck Wilkerson4.09
19Rich & Tim Collins3.83
20Al Millan & Mikey G.3.82

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Ty Collins1.39
2Danny Quintal1.06

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Downpours and 30mph winds. Not exactly your ideal conditions for a fishing derby. Throw in 103 die hard crazy anglers with high hopes for a winning fish and the show still goes on. Persistence was key as there were fish willing to bite but 3 foot wind waves and cats and dogs from the sky made it tough to maintain. Regardless of the weather, weigh in time came soon enough. 49 teams hit the water and 42 teams flooded the weigh in site shortly before the close. And under dark grey skies our anglers patiently stood in line as they watched their peers in front of them measure their catches ranging from 1.2lbs all the way to a brow-raising 9.8lbs. As the catches took turns visiting the scales, our anglers scarfed down stomach-warming and delicious pulled pork sandwiches and refreshments courtesy of our generous Camanche Rec hosts Brian Bressel and company. Shortly after the last fish was weighed, an opportunity to dry off came in the form of a raffle. Prizes were delivered, jokes were shared, and laughter filled the room. What better way to end a raffle than to announce winners. Many congrats to our winning teams! See you all at the next event.

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