Shasta Lake Classic Team Tourney - April 30/May 1st, 2011

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Chick & Marie Hale21.23
2Robert Muhlbrier/Ed Burlarley20.40
3George Schaaf/Gayle Troedson18.60
4Mike & Kendra Tripp18.53
5Forbes & Maureen McGrane16.00
6Sean Cowan/Jeremy Culver15.94
7Dale Gibbons/Jason Tidwell15.87
8Ed Grossman/Sue Brown15.82
9Scott Strong/Jeremy Jojola15.32
10Mike Giovacchini/R. Coelho14.98
11Tom Hamada/Dean Bakotich14.71
12Rick & Teresa Kennedy14.34
13Dave Barsi/Steve Fistler13.54
14Mark Simonds13.53
15Rock & Ryan Hauser13.23
16Ben Raimondi/Terry Mauer13.19
18Ron Hufford/Brett Brady12.80
19Gary Coe/John Lico12.77
20Doug Mayfield/Robbie Mannon12.76
21Ken McDonald/Rick Silva12.50
22Charles & Beverly Mierkey12.49
23Lee & Trina Matthews12.33
24Butch & Chris Jacobson12.2952.00
25Randy Bergquist/Vickie Noonan12.2941.50
26Al Millan/Mike Martinez12.19
27Carl & William Pearson12.1445.75
30Paul Deguilio/Ron Nunn12.00
31Greg Graham/Brian Daly11.93
33Steve Quintal/Dan Richardson11.67
34Luke Giacomini/Jay Recor11.61
35Steve Lawrence/Harold Bryant11.60

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Haley Tripp7.34
2Ryan Tripp6.22
3Kevin Pearson3.61
4Garrett McClean3.21
5Ryan Pearson2.87

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Sun, wind, 2 foot wind waves, rising water levels, and hungry trout. What more could anyone ask for? It was definitely the battle of the trout. Brown trout dominated the weigh ins for our 180 anglers. Fortunately, only one brown can be weighed in per day, so each team had to prove their worth by backing up their limits with other species. With grand tourney fashion, our anglers combed the lake in search of rainbows and kings to juice up their weigh in limits. Kokanee Power anglers know how to fish and big limits are what they brought in. It was definitely a record setting tourney with regards to weigh in limits. Congratulations to all the anglers who made this tournament another success for Kokanee Power.

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