Green Peter - Oregon Derby - June 6, 2009

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Jack Schultz4.31
2Rick Fielder4.31
3Greg Smith4.23
4Kevin Anderson3.90
5Doug Herschbach3.90
6Chester Jahn3.89
7Wayne Duoma3.39
8Gary Miralles3.39
9Ray Brant3.39
10Greg Graham3.26
12Blind Bogey
13Glenda Smith2.40
15Chinook Side Pot
16Curtis Hyde2.96

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Dawson Dye.68

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)

The Kokanee Derby at Green Peter Reservoir was scheduled a little earlier in the the year than last year's inaugural Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby. This schedule change made for some interesting conditions and presented a challenge to the entrants. Legal fishing time on derby day was 0428, one hour prior to sunrise, which prompted competitors to be out of bed very early to make the drive up to the lake. Green Peter is somewhat remote and unless you sleep in your boat a minimum 35 - 40 minute awaits you. Conditions were certainly much less than ideal as the day remained overcast with some of Oregon's famous "drizzle" mixed in occasionally. Early in the week preceding the derby conditions and weather began to improve. Then Wednesday and Thursday brought some extreme thunder, lightening, and rain followed by the dreariness of Friday and Saturday. This weather apparently caused the kokanee to scatter and get a case of lockjaw for most of the anglers. There was a short period very early where the bite threatened to turn on a little and some managed to pick up a few fish. Then the bite died. At around 1300 when the weigh-ins were to begin, the bite turned on and allowed many anglers to get some quality fish but it also presented a challenge to arrive at the weigh-in in time. A total of 64 anglers were entered which included 4 juniors. A nice increase over last years 45 entrants. Jack Schultz of Oakland, CA took top honors with 4.31 lbs. Tied with Jack was Rick Fielder of Rogue River, OR who finished second which was determined by the largest fish caught. The largest kokanee was just over 17" and caught by Greg Graham. Largest chinook for the side pot was caught by Curtis Hyde. Junior Division winner was Dawson Dye with a .68 lb koke.

Thanks to Gary Miralles for his continued assistance as weigh master and emcee, Justin Wolfe from Angler's West for his presence, Larry Ellis outdoor writer for Northwest Sportsman magazine, Scott Swanson publisher of Sweet Home's New Era newspaper, and Mike Stahlberg of the Register-Guard in Eugene for their coverage of the event. Thanks to the representatives from these sponsors for their attendance and for providing our guests with some valuable product and information on how to use it: Rogue Rod's, Pro-Cure, Shasta Tackle, R&K Spinners, and Uncle Larry's Lures. And of course, many thanks to all who participated to make this event successful and allow Kokanee Power of Oregon to make a difference in the improvement and enhancement of the inland fisheries in Oregon as well as the opportunity to reach the junior anglers in our State. We are the future.

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