Don Pedro Kokanee Derby-May 30, 2009

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Robert Muhlbeier, Sean Cowan41.1536.10
2Ed Burlarley39.2033.10
3Butch & Chris Jacobson38.2032.00
4Bob & Barb Enochs, Jim Libby37.6534.50
5John Zeman, Rick Coehlo37.2525.00
6Bob & Bobby Mooney37.2034.50
7Mike & Kendra Tripp37.0532.00
8Mike Giovacchini, Anthony Cox36.5532.10
9Tony Lopes, John Yurkovich36.5530.60
10Tammy Mitchell, G. Schoonhoven36.4033.00
11Bill & Douglas Back36.2031.90
12Doug Hagen, Robbie Mannon36.1531.60
13Terry & Rod Brown, Jim Travis36.1032.80
14Ed Grossman, Sue Brown36.1032.20
15Terry Chase, Tim Hinman36.1031.20
17* Big Salmon/Trout *
181. Doug Hagen, Robbie Mannon94.7060.20
192. Ed Burlarley92.1658.60
203. Rob. Muhlbeier, Sean Cowan80.4056.10
22** Blind Bogey **
231. D. & B. Campbell, J. Romine27.60
242. Gary & Jim Vella26.80
253. John & Matt Kline28.50

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1JT Goering12.7033.20
2Haylee Tripp11.6030.80
3Tyler Mannon11.5530.90
4Ryan Tripp11.3531.40
5Braden Illingworth10.9531.20

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

The view of the South Bay from the Flemming launch reminded me of opening day of salmon season in Santa Cruz back in the day when we had a salmon season. There were dozens of boats scouring the area in search of that one kokanee which will bring them to the top of the leader board. Big boats, little boats, and medium boats all with the same intentions, in search of the elusive kicker kokanee ? the fish that would ?kick? you above all the rest. The event was the 2009 Don Pedro Phil Johnson Memorial Derby . One hundred and seventy anglers gathered on this mighty lake to show their respects for our Kokanee Power founder and partake in a little friendly competition as Phil so often enjoyed.

The fishing action was slow to moderate first thing in the morning. A stiff breeze and wind chop made things interesting as our anglers waited for the bite to take off. Mid morning, the breeze lay down and the bite turned on like a light switch. Boats everywhere were landing fish from 35 feet down to 65 feet. There was also a good showing of nice king salmon being plucked from as far down as 95 feet. Fish were caught all over the lake but the predominant action was found in the South Bay where the majority of the fleet stayed throughout the day. Kokanee averaged between 12 and 13 inches with a good showing of 14 inch fish. It was a spinner bite which dominated the day. Didn?t matter what color, if it spun on an axis, it got bit.

First place team honors go to the team of Bob Muhlbeier and Sean Cowan with their 3-fish weigh in of 41.15 ounces (2.57lbs) while a big congratulations goes to Junior Division Angler JT Goering for taking 1st place in his division. Big Salmon honors go to the team of Doug Hagen & Robbie Mannon for their 5.91 pound king salmon and Blind Bogey fortunes go to the team of Dave and Bill Campbell and Jack Romine.

Many thanks to all our participants who helped make this another successful KP event. Without you, this event would not be possible. Special Thanks goes to Mike Jerome and crew for providing us with another wonderful BBQ luncheon. In closing, much appreciation to the Davey Tree Company for supporting this event. You guys are the best!!

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