Lake Billy Chinook - Oregon Derby - April 25, 2009

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)
1Brian Kidder1.92
2Chester Jahn1.81
3Robby Thorson1.76
4Jim Turner1.72
5Joe Moritz1.67
6Tom Lillis1.64
7Wayne Duoma1.64
8Gene Celluci1.64
9Rick Fielder1.63
10Terry Bennett1.63

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length( cm.)

Kokanee Power Oregon's inaugural derby at Lake Billy Chinook was held April 25th, 2009. Many of us had never visited this jewel of a lake prior to this weekend. I am sure many of us shall return. The lake sits in a "gorge" type atmosphere with endless rock formations offering that special "Kodak" moment. Always be on the lookout for wildlife as deer, elk, wild sheep, and wild horses may be spotted. Lake Billy Chinook is fed by three rivers, the Crooked, Deschutes, and the Metolius. The best kokanee fishing is on the Metolius River which is also part of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, thus requiring the purchase of a tribal permit in order to fish it. Another attraction to this lake is the availability of Bull Trout of which many anglers visit this lake to fish fonly for them. Several of us caught Bull Trout as well as kokanee. The kokanee tend to run small here but they seem to be plentiful. Most anglers had no problem catching some kokanee and most were able to get limits. Our weather Thursday was good, Friday was gorgeous and you could wear a T-shirt, and Saturday of the derby one needed a jacket to fend off the wind. All in all the weather cooperated well and we didn't have to deal with any extreme cold although the mornings were in the mid to high twenties.

Most of the officers of Kokanee Power Oregon attending this event rented a houseboat that was used as headquarters. Many houseboat rentals are available from spring to fall to enhance your fishing experience. We learned alot about the area and when we return next year we will have a slightly different venue. We believe everyone had a great time and we intend to enhance that experience next year since we now have information regarding the available amenities for our after derby activities. Lake Billy Chinook may well become an annual destination for an early kokanee derby since the fish have been cooperating since early April. We signed up a couple new members and have a couple that plan on joining. Additionally, we surely hope some of our California members venture this way to visit this area, the scenery itself is worth the trip.

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