Bucks Lake Team Kokanee Derby-August 16, 2008

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1John Z, Rick C, Mike G43.45
2Brian Russel, Tom Rutherford43.25
3Jim & James Franco42.45
4Bill & Douglas Back40.65
5Jack Baber, Glenn Welborn39.85
6Sal Costanza39.70
7Bob Harbison, Dave Dais39.65
8Randy Bergquist, Vickie Noonan39.35
9Tim Marble, Scott Lewis39.25
10Rene Villanueva, Rich Crispi39.00
11Jim Dummer, Wes C, Larry G.38.65
12Paul Blauvelt, Rich Collins38.50
13Mike and Kendra Tripp38.10
14Bill Mills37.80
15Al Carson, Fred Scott36.95

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Lauren Wilson14.85
2Gavin Henderson14.55
3Jaden Melton14.15
4Tyler Burke14.10
5Hanna Harman14.10

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Another great time at Buck's Lake. Chuck Wagon BBQ served up a great lunch again this year. Thanks to Zach Parks and the folks at Feather River College for their continued help and support for this Derby.

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