New Melones 2-Day Kokanee Tourney-June 28/29, 2008

  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Mike & Kendra Tripp12.46$1,600
2Jim & James Franco12.35$1,200
3Ron Hufford, Brett Brady11.13$1,000
4Al Millan, Mike Martinez11.13$800
5Rick Coehlo, John Zeman10.83$600
6Gary Burns, Mitch Glassey10.62$500
7Tom Hamada, Dean Backotich10.42$400
8Fred Scott, Tim Marble10.39$350
9John Minnis, Tim Minnis10.30$300
10Robby Mannon10.29$250
11Scott Key10.29$200
12Mark Cauwels, Gardner Bullard10.27$175
13Bryan McGinty, Tony Puccinelli10.16$150
14Warren Cooper, Bruce Hamby10.04$125
15Fred McCallister, Ron Lemos9.73$100
16Mike Giovaccihni9.71$90
17Bob Bognaes, John Yurkovich9.64$80
18Rich Crispi, Joel Gleeson9.55$70
19Bob & T Enochs, Jeni & B Smith9.30$60
20Robbie Dunham, Kim Murdoch9.27$50
21Larry Abernathy, Rand Smith9.25$45
22Joey Pucchinelli, T. Martarano9.21$45
23D & J Layne, E Lucia B Tarrant9.12$45
24Tony Lopes, Jeff Boyle8.94$45
25R Bergquist, V. Noonan P Buck8.88$45
26Tammy and Conner Mitchell8.64$45
27Paul Blauvelt, Rich Collins8.63$45
28Mike Kermgard, John Nickel8.56$45
29Richard Kowski, Jeff Bressler8.41$45
30Joe Aksamit, Kathy Johnson8.31$45
32* Saturday Blind Bogey
33Bob, Clara & Jeff Johnson55.90$400
34Randy Payne56.60$200
35Renee & Rosanna Villanueva53.40$100
37** Sunday Blind Bogey
38Joey Puccinelli/Tony Martarano64.10$400
39Sambo & Tyler Lage62.10$200
40Paul Blauvelt/Rich Collins61.90$100
42*** Big Trout
43Jeff & Sheral Byram, F. Wilson39.30$300
44Fred McAllister/Ron Lemos34.65$200

Junior Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
1Austin Smitherman3.17
2Travis Kull3.01
3Brady Peden2.94
4Sarah Key2.89
5Connie Tran2.22
6Bobbie Loggins2.01
7Bailey Thompson1.89
8Jesse Perez1.20
9Braden IllingWorth1.10
10Travis Tanner1.06
11Tyler Mannon.69

Pro Division
  Name Weight (lbs.) Length (inches)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

The dictionary defines a tournament as a series of contests in which the contestants with the prevailing scores through the final round or ones that finish with the best record are declared the winners. The dictionary also defines a derby as a contest open to all in which a prize is offered to the winner. So what do we have when a Saturday derby and a Sunday derby both count toward a win? We have the Kokanee Power New Melones 2-Day Team Kokanee Tournament!

Despite the thick hazy smoke which loomed over the lake and the hot humid weather, 218 dedicated kokanee anglers converged on this crown jewel kokanee lake known as New Melones Reservoir. Recent catches of 2 plus pound kokanee had the 96 teams excited to start the derby in the hours prior to derby launch. With the two day tournament format, it would take more than luck to score a win. It would take a little patience, knowledge, skill, and perseverance to not only earn a winning score on day one, but to maintain a winning score on day two.

On day one, many teams delivered very respectable 3-fish weigh ins boasting fish averaging 1.7 to 1.8 pounds. Several teams delivered weigh-ins with kokanee weighing in at 2 to 2.3 pounds measuring in at over 18 inches long. With the table set for day two and the placements ready to be either lost, maintained or upgraded, our anglers capped off day one with another awesome BBQ luncheon hosted by Perry Coy?s BBQ Catering and another fun KP raffle.

Day one was no regular tournament Saturday, it was also the Saturday on which our 10th Anniversary North River Raffle Boat was given away. Vice Mayor of Angels Camp Lee Seaton was present to pull the winning ticket. After several quick turns of the ticket tumbler, Vice Mayor Seaton pulled out the winning ticket. It was Kokanee Power member Jim Dummer of Vacaville who would be the lucky winner. Many thanks to all who participated and purchased tickets over the nine months the boat traveled all over California. The boat raffle was another successful cooperative venture for Kokanee Power and it?s members.

Day two, our teams found clearer and cooler conditions on the lake. The bite was also more cooperative for many of our teams with kokanee measuring up to 19 inches showing up at the scale. Sunday proved to be a make it or break it day as many teams delivered weigh-ins which either bumped them up in the standings or found themselves dropping several notches. It was a testament of perseverance and know how for teams which delivered weigh-ins which upgraded or maintained their placements. Sunday fish averaged 1.6 to 1.8 pounds with a respectable showing of fish to 2.3 pounds. Pink proved to be the winning lure color for many winning anglers. Pink hoochies, Apexes, and Uncle Larry?s Spinners trolled 60 to 80 feet deep all caught winning fish.

Sunday was no excuse not to have a second raffle and luncheon. Our anglers enjoyed another high end raffle sponsored by Davey Tree & American Truck & Trailer Body Company. Our teams were also treated to a special egg roll luncheon catered and sponsored by Sonia Millan and the Millan Family. With stomachs full, it was time to hand out trophies and so concludes our 2008 New Melones Tournament. Many Thanks to North River Boats, Glory Hole Sports, Davey Tree Company, American Truck & Trailer Body Company and the Angels Camp Business Association for sponsoring this years spectacular team tournament and making it all possible. Special Thanks to Perry Coy and Sonia Millan for providing the wonderful lunches. Your dedication & generosity is always appreciated. And never-ending Thank You?s to the officers, directors, and members of Kokanee Power who are responsible for making the New Melones Team Tournament a screaming success.

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