Shaver Lake Kokanee Derby-September 8, 2007

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1John Minnis22.50
2Robbie Dunham21.90
3Mario Lopez21.35
4Dan Parker21.15
5Tim Minnis19.40
6Terri Molloy19.10
7James Lockwood17.80
8Vickie Noonan17.50
9Dominic Boffa17.25
10Paul Eagle17.20
11Tony Lopes17.10
12Fred McAlister17.00
13Mike Bernard16.8037.80
14John Kline16.8035.50
15Larry Abernathy16.75
17* Sportsman Blind Bogey *
181st Place:
19 Linda Abernathy16.10
202nd Place:
21 Don Gabriel16.10
223rd Place:
23 Bill Back16.00
24** Pro Div Blind Bogey **
251st Place:
26 Kendra Tripp29.50
272nd Place:
28 Jack Schultz29.85
293rd Place:
30 Dean Bakotich30.20

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Rachel Smith16.60
2Connor Mitchell16.45
3JT Goering15.90
4Matthew Lockwood15.85
5Tyler Puede15.65
6Tyler Mannon15.15
7Douglas Back15.00
8Ryan Tripp14.90
9Ausun McClurkin14.50
10Haylee Tripp13.90

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1John Zeman39.70
2James Franco35.55
3Al Millan35.25
4Mike Tripp34.55
5Tony Puccinelli33.85
6Andrew Knorr33.35
7Mike Giovacchini32.35
8Tom Hamada31.95
9Nancy Coe31.50
10John Lico31.25

The thick and irritating smoke from the Northern California forest fires didn?t stop Kokanee Power anglers from competing at the 2007 Shaver Lake Kokanee Derby. The ominous gray smoke which blanketed the Central Valley could be seen far away from Hwy 168 as anglers made the climb to the town of Shaver Lake. The smoky fog was enough to make Los Angeles jealous. Fortunately, the 5,500 foot elevation prevented much of the smoke from lingering over the lake on derby day which made for near perfect fishing conditions. Unfortunately for our anglers, the bite also decided not to linger. Early in the morning, most anglers found near open action as it was fish-on as soon as your presentation hit the right depth. Sixty to eighty feet deep proved to be the winning depth at the dam, in front of the cabins adjacent to Shaver Lake Lodge, and the area outside of Rockhaven Cove. Green to chartreuse spinners and spoons with chrome or nickel dodgers proved to be the winning presentations. As the morning wore on, the bite quickly petered out and it was scratchy fishing until the two o?clock weigh in deadline. Flurries of fish did arise with the arrival of a stiff mountain breeze which made for challenging boat control with many boats trolling within a stone?s throw of each other. Hats off to the 114 kokanee anglers as there were no reported incidents of bumper boats, tangled downriggers, or acts of frustration. This year, fish averaged 14 to 14 ? inches with a showing of 16 to 16 ? inch fish caught by the winning anglers in all divisions. Despite the smoke, low water conditions, and tough bite, anglers who toughed it out were once again treated to the Perry Coy BBQ. A BBQ luncheon of oak smoked tri tip, pork shoulder, smoked chicken and all the fixins filled anglers? empty stomachs as they participated in the raffle event and awards ceremony. This year?s Shaver Lake raffle events was generously supported by Dave Powell and Shaver Lake Sports and Shaver Lake Marina at Camp Edison who also sponsored our Junior Division prizes.

The 2007 Kokanee Power Shaver Lake Kokanee Derby proved to be another winning success for all kokanee anglers, members, and derby participants and supporters. Proceeds from this event, like all Kokanee Power events, go toward providing California with better sport fisheries through enhancement, education, and partnership. Kokanee Power would like to thank Perry Coy?s BBQ for another awesome lunch, the Shaver Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Central Sierra Historical Society for their generous donations to this year?s raffle, Dave Powell of Shaver Lake Sports and Shaver Lake Marina for the generous donations to this year?s event, Ken's Market, and the Edison Power Company, Inc. for their continued support and hosting this year?s kokanee derby. We would also like to express our sincerest gratitude to our derby sponsors and supporters Scotty Downriggers, Walker Downriggers, Shasta Tackle, Rocky Mountain Tackle, the Outdoor Pro Shop, Fisherman?s Warehouse, Davey Tree, and Crystal Basin Tackle. This and all our derbies would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and especially the volunteers who help put them together. Many many thanks to director Gary Schoonhoven for his dedication and hours spent putting this event together, Nelli and Gerald Schoonhoven, Vickie Noonan, John Lico, and the officers and directors of Kokanee Power. See you all at Lake Pardee!!

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