Stampede Reservoir Kokanee Derby-August 4, 2007

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Glenn Wellborn18.7515.04 in
2Joe Obrien18.5015.39 in
3Tammy Mitchell18.4514.92 in
4Danny White18.0515.31 in
5Jim Dummer18.0514.88 in
6Rich Crispi18.0014.72 in
7Jason Tidwell17.7515.00 in
8Dale Gibbins17.6015.39 in
9Russ Wickwire17.3014.76 in
10Doug Clements17.2514.57 in
11Robbie Dunham17.1015.24 in
12Larry Abernathy16.7014.61 in
13Steve Kynard16.3014.17 in
14Chris Jacobson15.9514.80 in
15Kevin Wilson15.9514.37 in
18* Big Mackinaw *
191st Place: Bill Back7.59lbs
202nd Place: Rich Crispi6.16lbs
213rd Place: Blake Schultz4.50lbs
22** Sportsman Blind Bogey **
231st: Terri Molloy13.50
242nd: Karla Smith13.40
252nd: Bob Loggins13.40
263rd: John Kline13.30
27*** Pro Blind Bogey ***
281st: Joe Aksamit27.00
292nd: Mike Giovacchini26.55
303rd: Jack Schultz25.60

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jeffrey Johnson18.3015.47 in
2Maddie McKenzie17.4514.96 in
3Patrick McKenzie16.8514.76 in
4Conner Mitchell16.4514.09 in
5Jack Walmsley14.8014.17 in
6JT Goering14.3013.70 in
7Ryan Tripp13.5013.35 in
8Bailey Thompson12.7013.43 in
9Tyler Mannon12.6513.03 in
10Curtis Maccoun12.4512.56 in
11Haylee Tripp12.4013.15 in
12Douglas Back12.3512.99 in
13Connie Tran12.1012.80 in
14Jenna Smith12.0513.23 in
15Rachel Smith11.5512.44 in

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Mike Tripp34.5514.57 in
2Tom Hamada34.1515.43 in
3James Franco34.1514.49 in
4John Yurkovich33.9514.61 in
5John Zeman33.6514.96 in
6Tony Puccinelli33.4514.72 in
7Rick Givens31.1514.88 in
8Dean Bakotich30.4514.02 in
9Kyle Neeser29.9514.76 in
10Bob Bognaes29.9514.41 in
11Howard Darney29.8515.08 in
12Al Millan28.9014.49 in
13Jim Franco28.7013.98 in
14Rick Coehlo27.5013.62 in
15Joe Aksamit27.0013.58 in

It was a derby of diverse conditions to say the least. This year?s 2007 Stampede Kokanee derby required some serious dedication to from its anglers in order to place in the winners? line up. Calm chilly Sierra temperatures in the upper forties greeted the 170 anglers who participated in this year?s Stampede event. Regardless of the chill, a dawn bite provided most anglers with steady to almost wide open action. As the sun crept its way over the Sierras and the temperatures jumped into the comfortable sixties, anglers found steady action all over the lake with nets dipping into the water as far as the eye can see. A breeze soon blanketed the lake keeping the temps in the upper seventies to low eighties. As late morning arrived, unfortunately, conditions were too good to last. The breeze which had once provided comfort soon became a prevailing wind reminiscent of the San Francisco Bay. What was once a glassy calm high altitude lake soon became a choppy white-capped washing machine of an impoundment. The winds and waves made it difficult to control a boat yet alone fish. Many anglers decided to head for the launch ramp early well ahead of the two o?clock weigh-in time. But many braved the unfriendly conditions in search of the elusive kicker fish, the one fish needed to qualify for the winners? circle. Regardless of the conditions, the bite was still there for those who adjusted their presentations and adapted to the adverse conditions. Fish that did make it to the weigh-in averaged 13 to 14 inches with a healthy showing of fish in the 14 ? to 15 inch class. Although smaller than past years? average, this year?s fish were healthy, plump, and full of feistiness. Winning fish ranged from 14 ? to just over 15 inches. Derby hotspots included south of the island, Jay?s cove, and the dam. Despite the wind, the tall pine trees of the Emigrant Group Campground provided our derby particpants with a break from the wind thus providing us with another successful luncheon/raffle event. In his usual superb style, Perry Coy, owner and operator of Perry Coy?s BBQ Catering, provided our derby participants with another excellent BBQ luncheon consisting of oak barbequed trip tip and all the fixins. It was a raffle of sorts which capped off this year?s event leaving many participants with more stuff to bring with them back down the hill. The 2007 Stampede Kokanee Derby is a direct result of the dedication of the members, directors, and supporters of Kokanee Power without which this, and other events, would not be possible. We Thank You for your continued support!!

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