New Melones 2-Day Kokanee Tourney-June 23/24, 2007

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Robbie Dunham53.85
2Rich Collins49.30
3Clinton Williams47.35
4Libby Enochs46.9043.00
5John Darroch46.9037.80
6Robert Mulbeir46.55
7Doug Poor45.85
8Fred Scott45.65
9Larry Abernathy45.45
10Mike Tracy44.15
11Tammy Mitchell43.10
12Jeff Warner41.90
13Ron Lemos41.55
14Ron Berg41.20
15Chris Jacobson41.15
16Tony Lopes38.25
17Scott Key37.90
18Barbara Smith37.80
19Dean Wilson37.70
20Ron Keffer37.60
21Jeff Boyle37.40
22Bob Enochs37.2538.30
23Jim Francis37.2535.50
24Bruce Griffith37.05
25Stan Blanchard37.00
26Mike Roy36.85
27Butch Jacobson36.80
28Bill Back36.75
29Vickie Noonan36.55
30Mike Liebig36.10

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Bobbi Loggins46.50
2Tyler Mannon45.60
3Connor Mitchell44.90
4Austin Smitherman43.45
5Connie Tran42.15

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1James Franco90.15
2TJ White89.90
3Mike Tripp85.60
4Nancy Coe84.70
5Tony Puccinelli78.90
6Al Millan78.80
7Tony Martarano77.85
8John Zeman77.45
9Fred Thomason77.15
10Tim Marble76.20
11Mitch Glassy75.60
12John Yurkovich75.3538.30

It was two days of beautiful summer weather and chrome beauties! Chrome kokanee beauties that is. Two hundred and thirty anglers converged on this Central California impoundment known as New Melones Reservoir for the Kokanee Power 2-Day Kokanee Tournament. For most, the action on both days was steady to scratchy with nice fish averaging 14 1/2 to 15 inches. There was a good showing of kokes 15 1/2 to 16 3/4 inches for anglers taking the top prizes at this third annual event. It was definitely not easy pickings for the derby participants. Anglers found themselves changing lure/dodger presentations often throughout both days as the bite required adapting to the finicky kokanee. There were many schools of fish found that just wouldn't cooperate. The trick for successful tournament anglers was to find willing fish and stay with them. The competition both days stayed tight with winning anglers finding the slightly larger fish. Top spots during the tournament included Carson's Cove, South Island, and Angel's Creek. After weigh-in, anglers were treated to raffles sponsored by Fishermans Friend, the Angels Camp Business Association, Glory Hole Sports, Automotion and Park Street Automotive Services. This year's event was topped off with an awesome BBQ by Perry Coy's Catering Service featuring trip tip, teriyaki chicken & roast pork. Just when you thought it was over, Sunday's event featured a dim sum luncheon graciously provided by our very own Sonia Millan (Vice President Al Millan's mom).

Many special thanks to Perry Coy and Sonia Millan for an excellent meal and Glory Hole Sports, the Angels Camp Business Association, Automotion, Park Street Automotive, Fishermans Friend, North River Boats, Scotty Downriggers, and Walker Downriggers for their continued support. We'd also like to extend our appreciation to the Angels Inn for hosting our derby headquarters this year. Last but not least, Thank You to the many anglers who participated in this year's event.

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