Don Pedro Kokanee Derby-May 19, 2007

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Bobby Mooney20.2037.50
2Ric Brown19.3538.00
3Gene Wilson18.9037.20
4Bill Back18.8537.70
5Poncho Lopez18.7036.80
6John Minnis18.6538.00
7Jeff Boyle18.4038.70
8Larry Hutton18.2537.00
9Frank Palmer18.1536.80
10Robbie Dunham18.1036.80
11Chris Fowler17.5037.10
12Rich Collins17.4536.10
13Paul Blauvelt17.3036.80
14Fred Scott17.1537.10
15Tony Lopes16.8536.50
16Jim Francis16.7536.20
17Tim Minnis16.7035.90
18Dave Lovelass16.3035.40
19Tammy Mitchell16.2035.10
20Jeff Warner15.9034.50
21Chris Jacobson15.6535.00
22Kevin Smith15.5034.40
23Clara Johnson15.4034.40
24Joe Bianchi15.3535.50
25John Darroch15.2534.60
27Big Salmon - Robbie Mannon7.48lbs
28Big Trout - Larry Avedian2.63lbs54.0

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jeffrey Johnson15.8035.60
2Jenna Smith13.7033.20
3Douglas Back13.5534.60
4Bailey Thompson12.1533.40
5Tyler Mannon11.5532.00
6Haylee Tripp11.1532.00
7Patrick McKenzie10.8530.50
8Conner Mitchell10.7131.20
9Spencer Delay10.7030.70
10Ryan Tripp10.6531.10

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Nancy Coe37.3538.00
2John Yurkovich33.4036.40
3Tony Puccinelli32.7038.00
4Tom Hamada32.3536.00
5Howard Darney32.0036.00
6John Zeman32.0034.90
7Bob Bognaes30.1035.60
8Tony Martarano29.7536.40
9Mike Tripp29.4036.70
10Rick Coelho29.0534.80
11Al Millan27.8034.10
12Joe Aksamit27.3034.60
13Dean Bakotich25.6035.40
14James Franco25.0531.20
15Kirk James25.0032.40

Spring is a great time to fish for kokanee as the weather can be pleasant and the fish aren?t at their usual deep levels. This last Don Pedro/Phil Johnson Memorial took full advantage of the spring weather. Although a strong breeze developed early in the day, conditions still made for an enjoyable derby day. Fish were scattered and fishing was tough for many. For those who were able to find cooperative fish, the bite was fair to good. Participants who weighed in fish reported catching limits to near limits of kokanee averaging 14 to just under 15 inches. Reports say that the best areas where kokanee were found were between Jenkins and Flemming and the northern reaches of the Middle Bay. Fish were caught from 35 to 55 feet deep with kings caught as deep as 70ft deep.

On behalf of the officers and directors of Kokanee Power, I would like to extend our gratitude to the over 160 derby participants who attended this year?s Phil Johnson Memorial Derby.

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