2006 Angler of the Year Results - 9/25/2006

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Butch Jacobson48 pts122.00oz
2Bill Back60 pts120.00oz
3Frank Pimentel67 pts115.30oz
4Khanh Tran70 pts104.00oz
5Jeff Boyle71 pts107.55oz
6Dean Wilson84 pts116.55oz
7John Minnis92 pts103.70oz
8Robbie Dunham97 pts99.80oz
9Tim Minnis99 pts102.00oz
10Matt Kline104 pts114.30oz

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Connor Mitchell19 pts107.95oz
2J.T. Goering33 pts110.05oz
3Blake Schultz35 pts108.65oz
4Andrew Lourenco35 pts104.20oz
5Douglas Back36 pts108.05oz
6Jenna Smith36 pts88.80oz
7Connie Tran44 pts78.80oz
8Jeff Johnson47 pts72.00oz
9Spencer Delay51 pts64.65oz
10Rachel Smith54 pts73.30oz

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jim Franco12 pts246.10oz
2Tom Hamada15 pts251.75oz
3Gary Coe23 pts240.30oz
4Jack Schultz24 pts244.35oz
5John Zeman24 pts240.00oz
6Mike Tripp27 pts239.60oz
7Al Millan29 pts238.85oz
8Rick Coehlo31 pts238.45oz
9Kari Segdward33 pts208.30oz
10Tony Puccinelli47 pts219.65oz

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