Lake Pardee Derby September 23, 2006

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jeff Boyle - $30013.05
2Rich Collins - $20012.85
3John Minnis - $10012.40
4Karla Smith - $8512.40
5Tammy Mitchell - $7511.90
6Kevin Smith - $7011.15
7Tim Minnis - $6511.00
8Khanh Tran - $6010.85
9Heath Immer - $5510.75
10Fred Scott - $5010.70
11Frank Pimentel - $4510.60
12Larry Avedian - $4010.50
13Bob Loggins - $3510.45
14Jim Firmalo - $3010.40
15Dick Minnis - $2510.35
17* Sportsman Blind Bogey
18Dave Duncan - $2806.80
19** Pro Blind Bogey
20John Lico - $11014.30
21*** Big Trout
221st Place: Kendra Tripp-$12532.65
232nd Place: Larry Abernathy-$7530.20
243rd Place: Joe Aksamit-$5030.00
254th Place: Blake Schultz-$3527.25
265th Place: John Kline-$2526.85

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Connor Mitchell - Trophy12.85
2Jenna Smith - Trophy12.60
3Rachel Smith - Trophy10.50
4Connie Tran - Trophy10.25
5Blake Schultz - Trophy9.80
6Scott Boyle9.50
7Victoria Lourenco9.40
8Bailey Thompson9.10
9Taylor Murdoch9.05
10Douglas Back9.05
11Nicholas Abernathy9.00
12Andrew Lourenco8.95
13JT Goering8.90
14Astin McClurkin8.90
15Travis Kull8.90

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jack Schultz - $60022.05
2Gary Coe - $35018.20
3John Zeman - $25017.70
4Jim Franco - $15016.35
5Tony Martarano - $10015.90
6Tom Hamada15.70
7Joe Aksamit15.70
8Al Millan15.35
9Kari Segdward15.35
10Rick Coelho15.10
11James Franco14.65
12Mike Tripp14.55
13Mike Giovacchini14.35
14Howard Darney14.35
15John Lico14.30

I can?t say how much I?m proud of our Kokanee Power members, junior members, and supporters who all came out to help make this last Pardee Derby a great way to close a record-breaking and unforgettable kokanee derby season. Despite the opening of deer season, the beginning of school for most of our junior members, the prospect of Fall salmon in our valley rivers, and how late in the season it is, die hard kokanee anglers decided to close the season together in grand Kokanee Power fashion.

One hundred and seven participating anglers had fun catching an abundance of kokanee. Conditions were more than favorable for chasing kokanee this late September day. Fortune leaned the anglers? way as the recent double digit winds did not show up for derby day. The morning greeted anglers with a chilly breeze on the main body, however, it was another beautiful day in the making as temperatures ramped up to mid to high eighties. Patience was the name of the game as the bite was slow in the morning. Fish were marked all over the lake with massive concentrations of fish found at the mouth of the Mokelumne River, outside twin coves, Deer Island, and outside Grapevine Gulch. Anglers knew that the bite had to turn on sooner or later as previous outings proved that it was a late bite. And a late bite it was as all it took was a little warming up from the late morning sun. The action never turned wide open, but anglers showing the perseverance to concentrate on isolated groups of active fish proved to be contenders for top honors. Fish averaged a meager 9.8 inches with a good showing of fish in the 10.4 to 11 inch range. A majority of the fish weighed in were caught outside of twin coves, Deer Island, and the stretch between the rockwall and the mouth of the Mokelumne River. A handful of bigger fish weighed in were caught on the main body between the submerged mounds at the mouth of the Mokelumne River the dam. Once again, the fish were deep as most fish were caught between 100 and 120 feet deep with a handful of anglers fishing as deep as 150 feet. With deep water comes deep water tactics such that bright lures such as E-chip Kokanee Killers, Apexes, and Excel spoons in fluorescent orange, chartreuse, and hot pink along with dodgers with extra flash proved to be the ticket for winning fish. Big fish honors go to Jack Schultz with his Pro Division winning 12.44 inch kokanee, Jeff Boyle and his 11.85 inch Sportsman Division koke, and Connor Mitchell winning the Junior Division with his 11.06 inch kokanee.

What better way to cap off a beautiful late summer day?s worth of fishing than with a barbeque? This time around, anglers were treated to a BBQ catered by O?Connor?s Catering from Sacramento. BBQ ribs, chicken and all the fixins were on the menu as anglers weighed in their catch and partook in the raffle.

This year?s Pardee Derby would not have been possible without the volunteers who helped put this event together. Special Thanks to Bob Riordan, Greg Hall, Katie & Larry Hutton, and Fran Costanza for their generosity and devotion to the organization. Many Thanks to Dennis Johnston, Linda Hall, Richard Cooper, and Kerry Cooper, proprietors of Lake Pardee Recreation, for extending such a large welcome mat and making us feel more than welcome. And never-ending Thank You?s to our sponsors North River Boats, Scotty Downriggers, Walker Downriggers, Fisherman?s Friend, Outdoor Pro Shop, West Marine, and Gary Miralles of Shasta Tackle for their generous contributions.

-Capt. Al Millan

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