Shaver Lake Derby September 9, 2006

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1James Lockwood - $30027.7517.80
2Jeff Boyle - $20026.6517.40
3Bill Back - $10026.5017.00
4Robbie Dunham - $8526.4017.40
5Khanh Tran - $7526.3516.70
6Daniel Lourenco - $7025.4017.50
7Ron Keffer - $6525.0517.50
8Lee Otten - $6025.0017.70
9Larry Hutton - $5524.9017.30
10Witt Finger - $5024.5517.50
11Paul Eagle - $4524.4516.90
12Kim Murdoch - $4024.4016.90
13Tammy Mitchell - $3524.0017.10
14Dave Weaver - $3023.8517.40
15John Ratto - $2523.8517.00
25*Sportsman Blind Bogey:
26Mike Buendia - $30022.25
27**Pro Blind Bogey:
28Nancy Coe - $13045.85
29***Big Trout:
30John Haller - $20516.75

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Connor Mitchell -- Trophy27.3017.87
2Tyler Mannon - Trophy25.2516.69
3J.T. Goering - Trophy23.8516.97
4Haylee Tripp - Trophy23.1016.97
5Blake Schultz - Trophy22.8517.13
6Victoria Lourenco22.7016.54
7Bridgette Bell21.6516.22
8Douglas Back21.4516.38
9Ryan Tripp21.1516.34
10Austic McClurkin20.5515.83
11Andrew Lourenco18.9515.47
12Tino Hernandez IV18.6015.79
13Heather Rowley17.9014.92
14Hynacie Markarian7.0510.43

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Tom Hamada - $70053.3017.13
2Jim Franco - $40050.6017.99
3Rick Coelho - $30048.8017.13
4Dean Bakotich - $20048.6516.69
5Gary Coe - $10048.5517.17
6Mike Trip - $5048.5017.32
7Bob Bognaes48.1517.13
8Jack Schultz47.8517.13
9Kendra Tripp47.2017.56
10John Zeman46.6016.73
11Al Millan46.5016.54
12John Yurkovich46.4517.05
13Kent McVey46.4516.89
14Mathew C Ford46.3516.54
15James Franco45.9516.46

What a beautiful day to have a derby!!! Seventy degree weather graced the 130 derby anglers who participated in the 2006 Kokanee Power Shaver Lake Kokanee Derby. Historically, the mornings at this 5500 ft elevation are usually chilly and warrant thick jackets and warm clothing. But this year?s derby even allowed us to start out the day wearing shorts and a comfortable sweater. The morning bite was a bit slow with a few anglers partaking in a good bite. However, as the morning sun hit the water, the bite turned on like a light bulb. Throughout the remainder of the morning, nets were dipping everywhere. It was controlled chaos as boats and anglers scrambled around the dam area and Shaver Lake Marina trying to stay on top of the actively biting fish. It was pure sportsmanship, comradery, and good will, typical of Kokanee Power?s membership, which kept the boats from trading paint and playing bumper boats. The fish were deep as usual for this time of year with the average depth for successful fish being 100ft with the 110ft depth not uncommon. Limits were the norm for many anglers while others ended the day with less than a limit. September being late in the season for Shaver Lake, most of the kokanee caught were already entering the spawning mode. The males were displaying their customary hooked jaws and crimson tones while the females fashioned the usual bronze to light brown colors. To maintain a steady bite, color presentations and lure combinations had to constantly be changed and adjusted to keep up with the fickle kokanee. Toward midday, the bite had slowed down as a strong breeze entered into play. There was a large showing of good sized kokanee with the average kokanee measuring in at 16.5 inches with the larger kokanee measuring in at 17.9 inches. This years derby was capped off with an excellent tri-tip/bbq chicken lunch served to the 160 luncheon attendants and a raffle totaling over $5000 in prizes. Many thanks to Perry Coy?s Catering for providing such an excellent luncheon. Once again, this unforgettable derby was made possible by the generous dedication of Kokanee Power?s volunteers and directorship. Kokanee Power would like to extend many thanks and appreciation to Edison Power Company, Shaver Lake Chamber of Commerce, Edison Marina, and Shaver Lake Sports for their continued support for the Shaver Lake Kokanee Derby and our organization. We would also like to thank our sponsors West Marine, North River Boats, Scotty Downriggers, Walker Downriggers, American Truck & Trailer Body, Inc., and Fisherman?s Friend for their generous and valuable contributions to this year?s Shaver Lake Kokanee Derby.

?.and until next year,

Captain Al over and out

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