New Melones Derby - August 10, 2002

Sportsman Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Norma Mendoza - Merced25.516 1/4"
2Jeramy Rayen - Selma24.916"
3Lonnie Schardt - Fresno24.316 1/4"
4Ken Hopper - Walnut Creek24.216 1/4"
5Mike Buendia - Merced24.116 1/8"

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Jeremy Barbour23.316 1/8"
2Matthew Baker22.016 1/8"
3Jason Lawrence21.815 1/2"
4Blake Schultz20.714 3/4"
5Tim Minnis20.415"

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Ron Wilson - Modesto69.9
2Bruce Hamby - Ripon69.8
3Jim Franco - Sand City69.2

Jim Franco of Sand City won the big fish award with a 15 5/8" 23.9 ouncer.

Everyone that fished the derby had a great time. It was warm, the bite started slow and ended with plenty of action for most anglers. With water temperatures above 80?, the koks were holding from 65' to 85'. Rose Island, South Island, Tuttle Town Dam, and the spillway were the hot spots. As anglers took their trophies and winnings, each reported what tpe of terminal tackle they used. For dodgers that the winners reported, Vance's Dodgers were used by 25 of 28 anglers entering winning kokanee. One used Sep's Doger, one used a Sling Blade, and one used a Silver Hord 2/0 Dodger. Lures mentioned were Uncle Larry Spinners, Sockeye Slammers, Hootchies, and Apex. Pro-Cure scented corn was used by most, if not all. Next derby is September 7 at Shaver Lake.

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