Kokanee Power is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Corporation (Federal Employer Identification No. 77-0486825). We submitted Articles of Incorporation under the laws of California as the "Central California Inland Fisheries, Kokanee and Salmon Foundation, Inc." on July 1, 1998. We are incorporated for the specific purpose of conducting educational, research, and enhancement activities regarding California Sport Fisheries. Our efforts focus on the Kokanee and Chinook Salmon programs in the inland waters of California. Our primary program is assisting the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) in their ongoing efforts to maintain viable populations of these fish in public waters. We also offer cooperation and support to other private and public organizations with similar goals, strive to encourage public awareness and support for Kokanee and Chinook Salmon Fisheries, and promote fishing as a family activity.

How We Got Started

In July of 1989, the CDFW dropped all funding for raising and stocking Kokanee Salmon in California waters. In response to this action by the CDFW, a Sacramento-based non-profit organization "Project Kokanee" was formed to provide the CDFW with the volunteer manpower and funds needed to keep these fisheries going. Most of the present-day Kokanee fisheries exist due to the efforts of this group.

On a winter evening in 1997, a group of 8 friends gathered at Alcorn's Sporting Goods in Fresno. A discussion among them over the need to improve the Kokanee and Chinook Salmon fisheries on the east side of the San Joaquin resulted. They concluded that another foundation similar to "Project Kokanee" was needed to address problems with these fisheries. This group contacted their friends and invited them to a meeting to discuss the formation of an appropriate organization and evaluate support of San Joaquin Valley fishermen. The meeting was held on June 3, 1998 and Kokanee Power was formed. Out of the 32 individuals attending, 30 joined the organization and a president, most of the club officers, and an initial board of directors were elected.

A Historical Day For Kokanee Power

On Friday, June 17, 2005 Kokanee Power signed a contract with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife granting an annual $5000.00 Dollar donation. Congratulations to all Kokanee Power members your the ones who make this donation possible with your continued support.

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